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Family: N.O. Labiatae

---Synonyms---Nepeta Glechoma (Benth.). Alehoof. Gill-go-over-the-Ground. Haymaids. Tun-hoof. Hedgemaids. Lizzy-run-up-the-Hedge. Gill-go-by-the-Hedge. Catsfoot. Robin-run-in-the-Hedge.
---Part Used---Herb.

This well-known herb spreads and creeps along the ground. Roots shoot forth at the corners of tender-jointed stalks, set with two round leaves at every joint. The hollow, long flowers are of a blueish-purple colour with small white spots on the lips that hang down.

---Part Used Medicinally---The whole herb, gathered early in May, when most of the flowers are still quite fresh.

---Medicinal Action and Uses---Diuretic, astringent, tonic and gently stimulant. Useful in kidney diseases and for indigestion. It is used in the treatment of dyspepsia, kidney disease, abscesses, gatherings and tumours, eye problems and freckles. For abscesses, it is combined in equal parts with Chamomile flowers and used as a poultice.

A herb for all inward wounds, exulecrated lungs, or other parts, either by itself, or boiled with other similar herbs. It easeth griping pains, windy and choleric humours in the stomach, spleen or belly; it helps the yellow jaundice by opening the stoppings of the gall and liver, and melancholy by opening the stoppings of the spleen. It expels venom or poison and also the plague.
It provokes urine and women's courses. The decoction of it in wine drank for some time eases those that are troubled by sciatica, or hip gout, and also the gout in the hands, knees or feet. If you add to the decoction some honey and a little burnt alum, it is excellent as a gargle for any sore mouth or throat, and to wash the sores and ulcers in the privy parts of man or woman.
It speedily helps green wounds, if bruised and bound thereto. The juice of it boiled with a little honey and verdigris doth wonderfully cleanse fistulas, ulcers and stayeth the spreading or eating of cancers and ulcers. It helpeth the itch, scabs, wheals and other breakings out in any part of the body.
The juice of Celandine, Field Daisies, and Ground-ivy clarified and a little fine sugar dissolved therein, and dropped into the eyes, is a sovereign remedy for all pains, redness and watering of them; also for the pin and web, skins and films growing over the sight. It helps beasts as well as men. The juice dropped into the ear helpeth the hearing.