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Some herbs are known to react with your medication. Please consult your physician before starting on any herb.


Family: Liliaceae

---Synonyms---Cives. Ail civitte,Petit poureau
---Part Used---Herb.


---Medicinal Actions and Uses---: The plant is regarded as a culinary herb and is not used medicinally. It contains an essential oil rich in sulphur, similar to that found in Onion and Garlic. As a medicine it would be milder in action to these, both of which are antiseptic and tend to lower the blood pressure. Garlic oil is now obtainable in capsule form. when prepared by the alchymist they make an excellent remedy for the stoppage of urine.


Chamomile Caraway Calamint Calendula Celandine  Chives Centaury
Chervil Chickweed Cinquefoil


Clown's Woundwort

Club moss

Colt's foot Cornsilk
Cowslip Crosswort Cudweed Cucumber

Chestnut Tree

Wild Carrot


 Cedar (Siberian)