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Family: Rosaceae

---Synonyms---Cinquefoil. Five Fingers. Five-Finger Blossom. Sunkfield. Synkefoyle.
---Parts Used---Herb, root.

---Medicinal Actions and Uses---: stringent, febrifuge. The roots have a bitterish, styptic, slightly sweetish taste and have been employed medicinally since the time of Hippocrates and Dioscorides.

It is an especial herb used in all inflammations and fevers, whether infectious or pestilential or, among other herbs, to cool and temper the blood and humours in the body; as also for all lotions, gargles and infections; for sore mouths, ulcers, cancers, fistulas and other foul or running sores. The juice or decoction taken with a little honey removes hoarseness and is very good for coughs. 'The root boiled in vinegar, being applied, heals inflammations, painful sores and the shingles. The same also, boiled in wine, and applied to any joint full of pain, ache or the gout in the hands, or feet or the hip-joint, called the sciatica, and the decoction thereof drank the while, doth cure them and easeth much pain in the bowels.

The dried herb is more generally now employed, for its astringent and febrifuge properties.


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