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Family: Labiatae

---Synonyms---All-Heal. Panay. Opopanewort. Clown's Woundwort. Rusticum Vulna Herba. Downy Woundwort. ---Part Used---Herb.

---Medicinal Actions and Uses---: It is antiseptic and anti-spasmodic. The juice is styptic and if the bruised leaves are applied to a wound the bleeding will stop. A similar application relieves painful joints and cramp. : It is effectual in all wounds, for the staunching of blood and to dry up the fluxes in old fretting ulcers.A syrup is made of the juice for inward wounds, ruptures of veins, or vomiting blood.


Chamomile Caraway Calamint Calendula Celandine  Chives Centaury
Chervil Chickweed Cinquefoil


Clown's Woundwort

Club moss

Colt's foot Cornsilk
Cowslip Crosswort Cudweed Cucumber

Chestnut Tree

Wild Carrot


 Cedar (Siberian)