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Family: Cucurbitaceae

---Part Used---The whole fruit peeled and unpeeled, raw and cooked.



---Medicinal Action and Uses---Cucumber seeds possess similar properties to those of the allied Pumpkin (Cucurbita Pepo, Linn.) which are distinctly diuretic, but mainly employed as a very efficient taeniacide. The emulsion made by bruising Cucumber seeds and rubbing them up with water was formerly thought to possess considerable virtue and was much used in catarrhal affections and diseases of the bowels and urinary passages.

They are excellent for a hot stomach and liver, although the unmeasurable use of them fills the body full of raw humours. The face being washed with their juice cleanseth the skin and is excellent for hot rheums in the eyes. Cucumber juice is an ingredient of many natural beauty creams, cosmetics and lotions. As a beauty aid, slices ofcueumber can be applied direct to the skin..As a diuretic, the juice is indicated in kidney ailments and rheumatic conditions.


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