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Some herbs are known to react with your medication. Please consult your physician before starting on any herb.


Family: Compositae

---Synonyms---Cotton Weed. March Everlasting.
---Part Used---Herb.



---Medicinal Action and Uses---The plants are all astringent, binding or drying and therefore profitable for all defluxions of rheum from the head and to stay fluxes of blood. The decoction is made into red wine or the powder is taken. It stayeth the immoderate courses of women and is also good for inward and outward wounds or bruises and helpeth children with ruptures or worms. The juice of the herb, as Pliny saith, is a sovereign remedy against the mumps and quinsy.



Chamomile Caraway Calamint Calendula Celandine  Chives Centaury
Chervil Chickweed Cinquefoil


Clown's Woundwort

Club moss

Colt's foot Cornsilk
Cowslip Crosswort Cudweed Cucumber

Chestnut Tree

Wild Carrot


 Cedar (Siberian)