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Echinacea angustifolia (DE CANDOLLE) 

Family: Compositae

---Synonyms---Narrow-leaved purple coneflower, Sampson root, Black Sampson, Red sunflower, Echinacea

Parts Used: roots


Active Compounds: Echinacea supports the immune system. Several constituents in echinacea team together to increase the production and activity of white blood cells, lymphocytes, and macrophages. Echinacea also increases reduction of interferon, an important part of the body's response to viral infections such as colds and flu.

---Medicinal Action and Uses---Alterative, antiseptic, tonic, depurative, maturating, febrifuge

Echinacea is used for:

Canker sores (mouth ulcers)
Common cold/sore throat
Crohn's disease
Gingivitis (periodontal disease)
Immune function
Influenza (flu)
Recurrent ear infection
Yeast infection

Echinacea had been used to treat infections. There are some anecdotal reports of using echinacea for AIDS, more research need to be done in that area before any conclusions can be reached.




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