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Five-finger grass Potentilla canadensis, Potentilla reptans


Five-finger grass, cinquefoil, finger leaf, five fingers, cinquefoil, European five finger grass

Parts used: Root, leaves

Active Compounds: 

Iridoids, e.g. aucubin, harpagide, acetyl harpagide and 6 a- rhamnopyranosylcatalpol

Flavonoids; diosmin and hesperidin

Phenolic acids; ferulic, isoferulic, p-coumaric, caffeic, vanillic & chlorogenic acids.

--Medicinal Action and Uses--- Astringent

Five-finger grass makes a good gargle and mouthwash and a good remedy for diarrhea. The powdered root or bark of the root can be used, as well as the leaves. The root bark has also been recommended for stopping nosebleed and other internal bleeding.


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