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Fumitory Fumaria officinalis

---Synonyms---Fumitory, Earthsmoke



Parts used: Aerial parts

Active Compounds:  Isoquinoline alkaloids, including bulbocapnine, canadine, coptisine, corydaline, dicentrine, cryptopine, fumaricine, fumariline, fumaritine, N-methylhydrastine, protopine, sanguinarine, sinactine.

--Medicinal Action and Uses--- 

Diuretic, laxative, alterative, hepatic.

Fumitory has long been used in the treatment of skin problems such as eczema and acne. Its action is probably due to a general cleansing mediated via the kidneys and liver. Fumitory may also be used as an eyewash to ease conjunctivitis.

Combinations : Fumitory are often combined with Burdock, Cleavers or Figwort.

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