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Nettle Urtica dioica


Family: Urticacea

---Synonyms---Nettle, Stinging Nettle, common stinging nettle, common nettle

--Parts Used---Aerial parts

Active Compounds:

Chlorophyll in high yields

Indoles such as histamine and serotonin


Vitamin C and other vitamins, protein and dietary fiber. 

---Medicinal Actions and Uses---

Astringent, diuretic, tonic, hypotensive, pectoral, styptic, rubefacient.

Nettles strengthen and support the whole body. They are used as a spring tonic and general detoxifying remedy. In some cases of rheumatism and arthritis they can be astoundingly successful. They are a specific in cases of childhood eczema and beneficial in all the varieties of this condition, especially in nervous eczema. Also useful for nose bleeds or to relieve the symptoms wherever there is hemorrhage in the body, for example in uterine hemorrhage.

Traditional herbalists believed that nettle tea is a great hair tonic and will bring back the natural color of the hair. The leaves are excellent blood purifier.