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Pennyroyal  Hedeoma pulegioides

Family: Labiatae

---Synonyms---Pennyroyal, tickweed, stinking balm, thickweed, mock pennyroyal, mosquito plant, mint.

--Parts Used---Aerial parts,oil

Active Compounds:

Volatile oil, consisting mainly of pulegone, isopulegone, menthol, isomenthone, limonene, piperitone, neomenthol.

Miscellaneous; bitters and tannins

---Medicinal Actions and Uses---

Carminative, diaphoretic, stimulant, emmenagogue.

With its richly aromatic volatile oil, Pennyroyal will ease flatulence and abdominal colic due to wind. It will relax spasmodic pain and ease anxiety. Its main use is as an emmenagogue to stimulate the menstrual process and to strengthen uterine contractions. Avoid using during pregnancy. The oil should be avoided as it can act far too strongly.

CAUTION: Avoid during pregnancy.

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