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Skullcap Scutellaria laterifolia


Family: Labiatae

---Synonyms--- Skullcap, Scullcap, Hoodwort, Quaker Bonnet, Helmet Flower, Greater Skullcap,  blue skullcap, blue pimpernel, hoodwart, hooded willow herb, side-flowering skullcap, mad dogweed, mad weed, helmet flower

--Parts Used--- Aerial parts

Active Compounds:

Scutellarin, a flavonoid glycoside and many other flavones.

Iridoids; catalpol is present

Volatile oil and waxes, mainly C3l, C33 and C35 hydrocarbons


---Medicinal Actions and Uses---

Nervine tonic, anti-spasmodic, hypotensive.

Skullcap relaxes states of nervous tension whilst at the same time renewing and revivifying the central nervous system. It has a specific use in the treatment of seizure and hysterical states as well as epilepsy. May be used in all exhausted or depressed conditions. Can be used with complete safety in the easing of pre-menstrual tension.

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