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Tansy Tanacetum vulgare


Family: Compositae

---Synonyms--- Tansy, Batchelors Buttons, hindheel, common tansy, bitter buttons, parsley fern, ginger plant, golden buttons

--Parts Used--- Aerial parts

Active Compounds:

Volatile oil, thujone, sabinene, camphor, l,8-cineole, umbellulone, a-pinene, bornyl acetate and germacrene D

Sesquiterpene lactones; parthenolide, artemorin, tatridin, 11,13-dehydrodesacetyl- matricarin, l-epiludovicin-C

Flavonoids; apigenin, diosmetin, quercitin, jaceidin, jaceosidin

---Medicinal Actions and Uses---

Anthelmintic, bitter, carminative, emmenagogue, aromatic, tonic, diaphoretic, vulnerary.

Seeds- vermifuge

Tansy is an effective remedy for use in ridding the digestive tract of infestations of worms. Avoid its continued use over a period of time as some of the constituents of the oil are quite dangerous in large dosage. The herb is effective against roundworm and threadworm and may be used in children as an enema. As a bitter it will stimulate the digestive process and ease dyspepsia, having all the actions of a bitter tonic. It may be used as an emmenagogue to stimulate menstruation, but must be avoided during pregnancy. Externally a lotion may be useful in cases of scabies.

CAUTION: Avoid during pregnancy.

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